Our Story

Skillocity was created originally as a blog to write intuitive articles on a variety of subjects to explain and create curiosity and a good insight into the minds of the reader. In India, a good part of school students don’t engage in activities apart from their school ones. We wanted to raise awareness about how important it is to develop skills beyond what schools have to offer, while also giving an opportunity to express their interests in a particular topic using this blog.

While Skillocity continues that objective, it has developed into a full fledged platform for students to engage, help, learn with the help of multiple tools at bay to help them grow and remove a lot of brainstorming in finding the right source for their skills. Our latest project is Skillocity’s Research Division under which we are creating teams to work on problems and ideas that affect us all.

Our Mission

We want to develop a community of students helping each other dig through their individual hurdles and have a place to solve their problems.


Anyone can easily get stuck learning a new skill or moving forward in one. Our team members have experience in a wide range of topics relating to coding, web dev, app dev, blogging, science, exam prep, or queries in math, chemistry, physics. Courses are easily available for these on the internet, but right guidance as to how to approach or what the next step should be, or simply what courses online to choose isn't freely on the net. Just register for a session, and we would help you for free, because we understand.


Skillocity is developed by two high school students with some others having contributed to it in different ways. We are simply a friendly group of people you can contact anytime!


If you think you can contribute to Skillocity in any possible way, writing or developing, please feel free to contact us! If you have any project in progress and need help we'd love to contribute too!

Our Philosophy

‘Skillocity – For all your Skill needs and Inquisitiveness’ perfectly sums up our philosophy and ideology. Our creations, tools and services are meant to help people of all ages. We believe in efficiency. A lot of platforms and content on internet is inefficient and fails to accumulate the right resources for people. We intend to be an all-in-one resource polling little place on the internet. Let’s make education accessible to all! 

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