Habitability of Planets Using Narlikar Index : A Different Approach

 Is our insignificant little planet Earth the only one out there in the universe to be blessed with life? Could we find conscious beings out there in the vast unknown universe? Many such questions and theories exist about extra-terrestrial life , but unfortunately none of them have been proven to be true. So, can we […]

Fast News : Earth’s Artificial “Mini-Moon” 2020 SO to say a final Adieu!

The object known as 2020 SO was first discovered on September 17 2020 and was suspected to be an artificial (man-made) object due to its low relative velocity. This suspicion was later confirmed by NASA’s Infrared Telescope Facility in December of 2020 when the observatory found the object’s spectrum to match that of stainless steel. […]

Is the Vision of a colony on Mars before the end of the decade possible?

With the recent 150m hop of Starship prototype SN5, Elon’s ambition (and our desire!) of colonizing Mars in the 2030s looks very real. If the development and testing were to continue at this pace, Starship should be ready for its maiden voyage before 2025. We’d be ready with the capability to launch humans, no doubt, […]

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