Official Launch of our first Native App – SkillChem

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We apologise for not posting anything significant lately. We were actually working on multiple CS based projects including the programming intensive Android App Development. Yes!!! You heard that right, we are finally here with our very first app. The Skillocity blogsite is just one part of a larger framework of Team Skillocity, under which we intend to produce more projects. These projects have been a learning curve for us and we hope that the tools we develop would help a variety of people.

So finally, after about 2 months of  puzzling over on Android Studio, we are finally here with our very first app. We’ve named it SkillChem. SkillChem is majorly a chemical equation balancer and it can balance a wide variety of complex chemical equations including Redox equations. The app also contains the Periodic Table and the Reactivity Series for easy reference. The following images will provide a glimpse of our app.


We have built our app using Java, HTML, and JavaScipt in Android Studio. We faced a number of errors while making the app but this made our repertoire much stronger. We are now more experienced in CS with a good hold of Android App Development and we will hopefully be make to make more such projects in the future (could be limited due to time constraints).

The chemical equation balancer algorithm is based on a slightly modifed version of the Gauss-Jordan elimination method to give us integral solutions. For more info about the App development you could either install the app using the link given at the end of the article.

We hope that SkillChem satisfies your needs to solving chemical equations cause frankly it can get quite frustrating to balance long redox reactions. We ourselves would get quite bored doing it and therefore you have SkillChem which will solve it in an instant. Phew, CS knowledge does help once in a while.

After the successful deployment of our PWA(Powerful Webapp) this is the next big thing for Team Skillocity and hopefully one of many. We highly appreciate your support and look forward to doing many more cool things in the future!

The links for the app are as follows :

1) Play Store (Recommended)

2) Amazon App Store (you’d have to download Amazon’s appstore for this, and quite unstable)

If you still feel uncertain, or have any queries or installation problems, please feel free to contact us at

So that’s it from this update and we hope to see you soon!

Official Launch of our first Native App – SkillChem2 min read

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