PWA (Powerful WebApp) deployment for Skillocity

As a team which believes in providing our users with the most powerful and easy to use tools, we are announcing a feature which would enable easy access of our blog directly from the home screen of your phone! 

You’re probably thinking we are launching an app, right?
Well we also believe in surprising our audience, and so it is not exactly an app.
An app would require extra memory space on your device and would not work on laptops/desktops but only phones/tablets. 
Instead, you can now add a shortcut to our blog which runs through chrome, on your device. Usually, if you add a shortcut for a website, it would just add a shortcut to a single webpage you added a shortcut to. But in our case, after extensive coding, we have enabled our user the ability to add a shortcut to the entire website to make it easier to access, without the need of opening Chrome. This makes it feel just like an app!
With this feature, you could just have an app like experience for our blog on your laptop or phone, without having to worrying about our “app’s” memory usage, since it uses almost none.
Steps to add this (a must try!) –> 
1) Open our website on Chrome (suggested opening a new tab with our website and read off the instructions from this).
2) Click on the three dots besides the ‘number of tabs open’ box.                                                          
3) Scroll and find ‘Add to Home Screen’ option in the menu.
4) Edit the name to just be ‘Skillocity’ and click on ‘ADD’ option in the next pop-up box.

5) Click on ‘ADD’ option again in the next pop-up. 


That’s it! Check your home screen and you should find an icon with our logo. You can now access our blog just by clicking on the icon without opening chrome and typing out our website address. 


Thoughts of our team members:
Pranav Sawant


A very economical and much needed feature to increase viewer engagement.

Anshuman Shukla


A very user-friendly and modern feature which represents our philosophy perfectly. No Chrome needed and thus removing a middle level. Just the user and our blog.





PWA (Powerful WebApp) deployment for Skillocity2 min read

11 thoughts on “PWA (Powerful WebApp) deployment for Skillocity2 min read

  1. Hey Rupak, yeah we did that. Just changed domains so it’s much better now. Let me know how you like it and don’t hesitate to drop any suggestions.

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