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We want to develop a community of helpful students who want to learn and grow. If you think you can contribute to us in any way possible: writing, advising, suggestions, idea sharing, or coding, please contact us. We would love to have several articles written by students on different topics! We’d be happy to have you mentioned above!

For people who want to become an author, please contact us at . If you intend to be a regular (you choose when to contribute, but more than once) contributor, fill out the form below!

Want To Collaborate?

We love to do new projects and grow together. If you have a project you are working on, or want to work on, we can collaborate on it with you! You can even write about your project in the forum. Or if you want to work on our projects with us, we’re open to that too! Just email us at or fill the form below!

Want To Join Our Team?

Although you can do almost everything without joining our team, but if you want to work on everything by joining our team and having an experience of teamwork, just email us at ! You can do several things you like being a part of our team whilst getting access to a lot of paid software! So, email us with what you intend to do in our team and we’d get right back to you!

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